Common faults and treatment of cutting machine--the machine is not powered on

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1. Check whether the power supply is well connected and whether the power cord is energized
2. Check whether the fuse is blown, if it is blown, please replace the fuse with the same specification.
3. Check if there are any obvious burnt marks on the electronic components in the case. If so, please shut down immediately and contact us for assistance.
4. The faults are as follows: (1) The 6A fuse is blown, turn on the power switch of the cutting machine, the power indicator of the drive is off, and you can see that the cutting machine has been showing the waiting state. (2) If the 2A fuse is blown, the cutting machine will not be energized. Solution: Check that the fuse is in good condition, and the electric pen measures whether the fuse has electricity. If there is power but there is no response when the machine is turned on, it may be that the fuse seat is too loose and the interval is too large. Replace the test.

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