Common problems and solutions for labeling machines

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The more straightforward standard to check the operation of the labeling machine is to see whether the labels on the products coming out of the labeling machine are pasted in a normal and standard manner. In the production process, in addition to daily machine operation management, the staff should also frequently go to the product exit conveyor belt of the labeling machine to check the labeling condition of the product to determine whether the labeling machine is working properly. If there is a problem, it should be Adjust and proofread according to the corresponding method!

The reason and solution for the labeling machine not showing the label when in use?
1. The position of the electric eye is wrong, adjust the position of the electric eye;
2. The sensor for the object to be measured is faulty, replace the sensor for the object;
3. The labeling head label pull paper is not enough, adjust the pull paper tightly;
4. The color of the object cannot be sensed by the electric eye. Replace the electric eye with a suitable model and function;
5. The label feeder is not open, open the label feeder.

How to solve the deviation of the labeling machine during the labeling process?
1. The belt pressing device is too tight, which causes the standard belt to be biased, so the pressing force can be reduced;
2. The tape has not been corrected before automatic operation, just re-correction;
3. The standard stripping board is skewed and the standard strip is misaligned, just adjust the stripping board.

How to solve the unstable labeling position of the labeling machine?
1. The belt pressing device may not be pressed tightly, resulting in loosening of the standard belt and inaccurate detection by the electric eye;
2. The traction mechanism may be slipping or not being pressed tightly, resulting in the inability to remove the bottom paper smoothly, resulting in different lengths of the label;
3. The delivery speed does not match the delivery speed;
4. The inclination of the pressing brush at the peeling label board is not appropriate. When the label is sent out, the label should be close to the brush to make the label sending angle consistent.

What should I do if the labeling quality of the labeling machine is not good, there are bubbles or wrinkles?
1. The labeling wheel may not be parallel to the surface to be laminated, just adjust the labeling wheel;
2. The delivery speed and delivery speed and the overriding speed are not matched, mostly because the delivery speed is too fast, readjust the delivery speed or delivery speed;
3. The label strength is not enough, it is easy to wrinkle in the process of labeling or labeling;
4. The sticky product is dusty or unqualified or the label viscosity is not enough, clean the product or change the product and label

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