What is a paper tube labeling machine ?

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Paper tube labeling machine, also known as paper can labeling machine or paper tube labeling machine, is mainly used to paste paper labels on round paper cans. This is a labeling machine, dedicated to the paper can industry, the number of cans is relatively large.

Development History
Most of the paper can manufacturers in my country are small-scale production, and most of the processes are manual operations, the output is small, the efficiency is low, and the impact of worker mobility is relatively large, and labeling is the bottleneck in the industry. In terms of the link, there are few types of paper can labeling machines in my country. There are currently two types of paper can labeling machines, hot melt adhesive labeling machine and water glue labeling machine. The adhesives of the two labeling machines are different. The scope of application and the advantages and disadvantages of labeling are also different.

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