What is the automatic flat die cutting machine

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What is the automatic flat die cutting machine ?

Die-cutting machines are also called beer machines, cutting machines, and CNC punching machines. They are mainly used for the die-cutting of corresponding non-metallic materials, stickers, EVA, double-sided tape, electronics, mobile phone pads, etc. Cutting), indentation and hot stamping operations, laminating, automatic waste removal, die-cutting machine uses steel knives, hardware molds, steel wire (or a stencil carved from steel plate) to apply a certain pressure through the imprinting plate to The cardboard is rolled and cut into certain shapes. It is an important equipment for post-press packaging processing.

Main Feature:

1) It mainly suitable for high accuracy die cut requirement material such as 0.1~2mm cardboard, corrugated board ≤4mm 
2) It is fast working speed, high safety, easy operation
3) It can stable feeding, die cutting and collecting the thin paper which thickness above 80gsm.
4) The feeder with 4 suction and 4 feeding makes paper feeding more smooth
5) Fully automatic non-stop paper feeding and stacking trolley improved the productivity.
6) With die cutting frame automatic lock design, high safety and convenient and simple operating. 
7) Die cutting frame high strength and precision, frame backing plate adopt hard stainless steel, beautiful and durable.
8) Die cutting pad plate hardness HRC50~53, flatten and rusty proof, durable using.
9) Crank shaft, pendulum shaft, worm, etc are all imported alloy steel and precision finishing
10) Oil circulation cooling system improved the difference between heat part and cold part of machine, decrease the rejects number and extend the parts service life.
11) Die cutting lift and backward adopt digital displaying, accuracy 0.001mm
12) Luxury appearance, acheived international standard

BL-1050S/E Automatic Flat Die-Cutting Machine

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