What types of sealing machines are commonly used ?

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The main types are:
Sealing machine without bai sealing material. Including hot pressing, du cold pressing, fusion welding, plug-in, folding and other sealing machines.
②There is a sealing material sealing machine. Including rotary, knurling, crimping, pressing and other sealing machines.
③There is a sealing machine with auxiliary sealing material. Including tape type, adhesive type, nail type, ligation type, suture type and other sealing machines
① Capping and sealing machine. This kind of cover has internal threads processed in advance, and the threads can be single-ended or multi-threaded. For example, single-thread threads are used for medicine bottles, and multiple threads are used for canned bottles. This machine relies on rotating the cap to compress it to the container mouth.
②Knurling sealing machine. This kind of closure is mostly made of aluminum without thread in advance. The aluminum cap is rolled with a roller to make it appear with a thread that is exactly the same as the screw on the bottle mouth, and the container is sealed. This kind of cover breaks the indentation along the periphery of the skirt when unsealing, and cannot be restored, so it is also called anti-theft cover
. This machine is mostly used for sealing and packaging high-end wines and beverages.
③ Hemming sealing machine. It first puts a cylindrical metal cap on the bottle mouth, rolls the bottom edge with a roller to make it inverted and deformed, and fastens the bottle mouth flange to seal it. This machine is mostly used for sealing and packaging wide-mouth cans and bottles.
④ Gland sealing machine. It is a crown cap sealing machine specially used for beer, soda and other beverages. Put the crown cap on the bottle mouth, press the press mold of the machine, the corrugated periphery of the crown cap is squeezed and contracted, and it gets stuck on the flange of the neck of the bottle mouth, causing mechanical hooking between the bottle cap and the bottle mouth. Thus sealing the bottle.
⑤Press plug sealing machine. This kind of sealing material is a bottle stopper made of rubber, plastic, cork and other materials with certain elasticity, and uses its own elastic deformation to seal the bottle mouth. When the machine is sealing, the bottle stopper is placed above the bottle mouth, and the vertical pressure of the bottle stopper is pressed into the bottle mouth to realize the sealing and packaging. The cork seal can be used as a single seal or as a combined seal with the bottle cap.
⑥Crimping and sealing machine. This machine is mainly used for sealing metal food cans. It uses a roller to crimp, hook and press the periphery of the can cover and the can body flange to achieve hermetic packaging.

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