HD-650/500 Paper Tube Labeling Machine

HD-650/500 Paper Tube Labeling Machine

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HD-650 machine is used for labeling the surface of canisters, tea caddy, wine cans, packaging cans etc.


1) The machine uses hot-melt glue to paste paper labels (laminated or without) on tube containers such as wall calendar cans, tea cans, paper tubes, plastic bottles, glass bottles, etc 
2) Hot-melt glue could be chilled fast, so that the labels can be pasted properly to match canister body well, which could be connected in line to next process.
3) PLC control with the setting, imported clutch and rubber roller makes stable label feeding.
4) Automatic temperature control, the glue temperature could be accurately fixed at the setting value, the advanced double layer heat insulation on heating plate saves 50% electric.
5) Gluing thickness value could be set up according to your products before delivery, and it’s also easy to change whenever necessary.
6) Two-tank design (main glue tank and side tank) ensures long convenient using. 
7) With the dropping guideway, after labeling, the finished product can be slide down automatically.



 Model HD-500   HD-650
Tube Diameter (with Auto loading)  Φ32-200mm  Φ32-200mm
  Φ32-130mm Φ32-130mm
Label Width  60~500mm  60-650mm
Heating Power  3.0kw  3.2kw
Machine Weight  370kg  450kg
Overall Dimension 1070x1050x1500mm 1220x1050x1500mm
(with dropping guideway) 1070x1100x1500mm 1220x1100x1500mm
 Power Voltage  220v 1P  220v 1P
 Air Source  0.6-0.8mpa  0.6-0.8mpa
Labeling Speed  40meter/min  40meter/min


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