Analyze the cause of the failure of the sealing machine

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The sealing machine is mainly used to encapsulate the items to be packaged. After decades of development, it has become one of the packaging machinery products with complete types and complete functions. The sealing machine can be divided into a sealing machine without sealing material, a sealing machine with a sealing material, and a sealing machine with an auxiliary sealing material. According to the mechanical properties of packaging materials, there are two types: rigid container sealing machine and flexible container sealing device. Commonly used rigid container sealing machines include screw cap sealing machine, piping sealing machine, rolling sealing machine, plugging sealing machine, gland sealing machine, crimping sealing machine, etc. Different sealing machines can realize the sealing of different types of commodities. As the types of sealing machines increase, their applications in the industry have become more and more extensive. In the process of using the sealing machine, we often encounter such failures. Let's take a look at the common failures during the use of the sealing machine.

(1) The seal is not strong. The cause of the failure is that the pressure of the cold-pressed rubber wheel is not suitable, the heat sealing speed is too fast, the heat sealing temperature is not enough, and the quality of the heat sealing film is defective. In this case, the heat sealing temperature can be appropriately increased. Then reduce the heat sealing speed and increase the pressure of the cold-pressed rubber wheel.

(2) The thermometer display is out of order, the sealing temperature is out of control, the heat sealing temperature is not constant, the sealing part is either burnt, or the sealing is not strong, the sealing is deformed, and it is ugly. The main reason for this failure is that the thermometer is broken and must be repaired; In addition, the thermocouple may also be broken and cannot transmit the sensed temperature to the thermometer normally. Just replace the thermocouple with the same model and specification.

(3) The sealing machine moves and stops, and the speed is inconsistent. The main cause of the failure is the falling off and looseness of the shaft connection of the motor and the connection of the gearbox. Re-tighten the screws to make them all match, and the problem is solved Up.

(4) Irregular marks and bubbles appear at the seal. This type of failure is more common, mainly because there are irregularly arranged uneven marks on the cold-pressed rubber wheel, which are directly reflected on the package, causing more obvious marks on the seal The equipment has been used for a long time, and dust and plastic scraps are attached to the high-temperature belt, which causes the high-temperature belt to be uneven and uneven, which makes the sealing unevenly heated, and bubbles appear after being pressed by the cold pressing wheel. Replace the cold-pressed rubber wheel, clean or replace the high-temperature belt to eliminate the fault.

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